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Success Stories

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Scott Robert School of Photography


The Japan Experience


Success Stories from Around the World...

Junshien Lau, Cupertino, California

One of the rules in business is Never give away trade secrets. It is certainly a good rule, one that has been followed for generations. But Scott did not get to the top of his field by following "the Rules", and he isn't about to start when it comes to teaching the next generation of photographers. He reveals it all--his posing secrets, his lighting techniques, his technical settings, his marketing approach, everything! I challenge you to find another top photographer who is so willing to give away his secrets and has such a sincere desire to see you succeed.

This trip has certainly put a dent in my bank account, but if given the chance again, I would jump at the opportunity without blinking. The wedding photography industry has gotten incredibly competitive in the past couple years, and it's only going to get more so. There is a glut of amateur photographers in the market, and a corresponding flood of wedding pictures that look "nice" and are "good enough." In order to stand out, you have to be more than "good enough". But only the best of the best will be able to survive--those who are willing to give their all into their passion, who are willing to pay the price for success, who have the courage to take the risks and push themselves beyond what they have become comfortable with. If that describes you, if you genuinely want to be more than "good enough" and to stand out from the crowd, this workshop is for you. When Scott advertises that his workshops can take you to "The Next Level", he isn't at all exaggerating.

But like in all areas of life, success does not come cheap. You will probably have to cut back on your spending, skip out on a few movie nights, go on a diet of instant noodles, and book several extra jobs. And even after the workshop, you will have to work hard to put into practice all the things that Scott taught. But the law of the harvest says that if you are willing to work and sacrifice for success, in the end, you will reap more than you sow. So if you are thinking that you cannot afford the costs of attending one of his workshops, let me ask you: can you afford not to?


Lyssa Dormeus | Montreal, Canada

Marie-Lyssa Photography

"You need to invest in a Scott Robert workshop, it is beyond anything you will see in the industry..."


Arielle Langhorne | Pensacola, Florida

"Joining one of Scott's workshops is like becoming part of a wonderful've truly changed my vision"


Bandele Zuberi, Birmingham, UK

What can I say, prior to attending your workshop I had a pretty grim outlook on life having fallen on some bad times over the past year or so. But I believe things happen for a reason (a bit of a cliche I know!), and I truly believe these bad times had to happen for me to be in a position to attend your workshop. Honestly this was more than a workshop for me, this was a life changing experience that I will never forget. You have brought back the 'B' that everyone thought had been lost, I'm telling you, my family and friends can't believe the change and keep telling me how inspired and happy I look since arriving back, it's becoming infectious!! You have re-ignited my passion for photography I thought I had lost in the mediocrity and technical obsessiveness of photography here in England.

In just four days you have given me the tools to raise the standard of my photography to new heights and beyond the reach of most photographers I know. Being around other like-minded photographers who attended your workshop was just fantastic and I learned so much from everyone. Where as before I felt isolated I now feel liberated knowing that I have some wonderful friends who I can speak to for support and advice, or hell, just for a gossip! Your workshop has opened up a new and exciting chapter in my life and I'm going to make the most of it. How can I ever repay you? I'm not sure I can, but by becoming the very best photographer I can will at least demonstrate to everyone how great a teacher and person you are.


Tauran Woo, Los Angeles, CA

When starting a photography business, your first inclination is to invest in good equipment. Yes, good equipment is important. But why not invest in yourself? When a client hires you, your skills and artistry are what the client is paying for, not merely your equipment. Skills can be the difference that puts you ahead of the competition. Well, while attending one of Scott's other workshops, he told me about an exciting opportunity and encouraged me that his 4-day workshop promised to take me to the next level of photography, and would distinguish my imagary apart from a growing and competitive market. Scott's workshop delivered on those promises. But it was more than that. Scott shared the secrets of his award-winning style, and showed us cutting-edge shooting, posing, and post-processing techniques that will make the competitors green with envy! Combine that with the exquisite backdrop of Paris, gorgeous and wonderful models, and some 1st rate classmates/colleagues who were likewise very encouraging and supportive, and a cirriculum that doesn't leave much for want (When they say 4 days, they MEAN 4 whole days!), I knew I had found real value in this course. For those of you considering expanding you skills and your business, you can't afford not to attend.

Scott, thanks for everything, it was one of the greatest experiences ever! Thanks to the models, to Arielle for saving us at least 50 times, and to my colleagues, for whom I have tremendous respect and admiration. Can't wait for the next workshop and to cath up with everyone soon!


Amber Hughes | Vancouver, Canada

"I recommend his workshop to everyone who wants the personal challenge of evolving- not just the business side of it. You will be just as surprised as I was, how much you can change in a week."


Roy Ddungo | Uganda, Africa

"Paris....attending the workshop has gotten me four more weddings in a few months here in Uganda, now they are RAVING about me!"


Stephen Anthony Ng, Sacramento, CA

It is rare these days to run into people who are passionate about the work they do but more importantly passionate about life. Scott is an awesome teacher and mentor who can pack more energy in his teaching than a twenty one year old in their prime. I can bet he can stay up later than you can too hehe! If you are at all indecisive about attending one of his workshops, let me be the one to tell for youGO FOR IT! Don't be afraid to take a chance. It just might change your life. This workshop will knock your socks off baby! If you are serious about your career in wedding photography, you will want to invest in one of Scott's four-day workshops. Thinking about it, the monetary investment is actually minimal in the grand scheme of things but your reward is far greater than you will imagine. You simply cannot put a price on the experience and all that you learn at the workshop.

Coming into the workshop, I did not really know what to expect. Although excited, I had no idea I was going to learn such key tools to take my photography to the next level. There are things you will learn from the workshop that you simply cannot learn from any book, school or studying images of other great artist. The awesome part about the workshop is the hands on experiences you get. You have the opportunity to practice what you learn right on the spot. You simply will not find this kind of teaching anywhere else. Most workshops are purely informational and when you go home, you are left to figure things out for your self, which ultimately get you nowhere. Scott makes it his mission to make sure you are learning and improving your photography to the next level.

I have found my passion, found people who share my passion and a teacher to give me direction. I am truly blessed. May the fruits of my labor bless you in return.

Thank you


Erik Vail | Seattle, WA

"It's completely changed my business, my outlook on life, my photography..."


Sou Wah | Manchester, UK

"My ordinary life before is not enough..."


Gurm Sohal | Vancouver, Canada

"After being to two workshops, I must say it has changed my entire outlook on life and my career in photography, you've become a mentor and a friend..."


Chris Chen goes from $0 - $8500!

Hi Scott

I just wanted to share some great news with you. Remember, how i first took your Pasadena Workshop in Nov/Dec2007 and didn't know how to work my own DSLR camera. Now, I booked a $8500 wedding coverage gig for 2010 and now have my own signature style thanks to your insight and mentoring. I really only started shooting professionally this year and has gained a lot of momentum in NYC. Who says you can't change your career and chase your passion. Thanks again.


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