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Master Lighting Guide to Flash Photography


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What every well intentioned photographer wants to know...


by Scott Robert Lim

Master Lighting Guide to Flash Photography

What people are saying....

Lyssa Dormeus (Toronto, Canada)

Just bought it!! WOWZER CONGRATS SCOTT!!! I know this has been simmering for a while love the product .. and NO!! it's worth wayyyyyyy more.. This is better than a book I recently bought lol ... Used flash actually for most of my commercial jobs and head shots etc.. I love the flexibility and not having so much to carry around !! Cannot wait to see for more EDUCATIONAL PACKAGES!! GO FOR IT:)


Elena Hernandez (Dallas, Texas)

Having been a professional photographer with a Masters of Photography degree,for over 34 years, it is not easy to impress me with "just another book on lighting". Yet 'Master Lighting Guide to Flash Photography'by Scott Robert Lim, has done just that.

Very comprehensive information about light, guide numbers, theories and more. For those who find it hard to read any type of manual this also has photographic diagrams & examples of how things were done. Along with online tutorials & audio links, Scott has taken the time to make this book a complete dynamic package worth more than the asking price it calls for.

Buy it now before it sells out!


Cortney Bodnar "Light Artist" (Regina, SK) -

A comprehensive guide in a world of information. For beginners and professionals alike this book has so much to offer! I love the quick links, if you don't know something the information is literally at your fingertips. Scott is engaging and funny. Thank you so much!


Anjana Miko "Jana Miko" (Calgary, AB, Canada)

This book is loaded with great information! I love the fact that audio is included and all the links to additional information and resources make it an absolute wealth of knowledge.

Easy to read and understand so you can begin to improve your skills right away and enough information that you will refer back to it many times and get something new.

~Jana Miko


Kinga Mroz "Images by Frost" (Edmonton, Alberta)

If you are a serious photographer who wants to add that, "umph" to your photographs guess what?!Here is the magic potion to create that dynamic 3D light. There are some basics, lots of set ups, explanations and techie stuff for the geeks :)

I am an organized person and the book is compiled with flow & ease that keeps the pages turning. Its super easy to follow and more information is just clicks away...I don't know why your reading this JUST GET IT!


J. Fields

This Ebook is so easy to follow along with and understand! It's easy to read and has live links everywhere to expand on your learning. I love the image set ups where it shows you the photo and then where the flashers were set up to create the image. The explanation of how to use flash is so simple and easy to understand. You can choose to go more in depth and get technical or just follow simple techniques. It's a great buy and totally helpful!!